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Our Mission

 To strengthen and support the economic vitality of Coronado's business community, while preserving its historic and unique character, for the benefit of residents and visitors alike.

Support Coronado MainStreet

For 31 years, Coronado MainStreet has been an advocate for our town's local businesses. We've been working to support Coronado's business districts which are an integral part of the charm that makes Coronado such a unique and special place to live. Since we were unable to host our fundraising events this year, we've been left with fewer resources to support our local businesses in a time when they need us most. We won't give up the mission, but we need your help.

We are raising money to ensure that we can support our community through 2021, a year we feel will be monumental in helping our businesses survive and rebuild. Please don't let our beautiful business districts down - there's no time like the present to donate!

"We like to think that Coronado's Main Street has become the community's living room and, more importantly, a family room."


- Chris Ackerman, Vice President

Did you know?

MainStreet runs the Coronado Currency Program?

Coronado Currency is accepted at most stores and restaurants in Coronado. This year-round gift certificate program started in the Fall of 1999 and has kept over $500,000 in shopping dollars in Coronado. It makes great gifts for teachers, coaches, and anyone else on your list. It's part of our commitment to Shop Local First!

MainStreet holds annual events which bring our community together?

MainStreet represents every single one our Coronado's brick and mortar businesses?

MainStreet advocates for Coronado's business districts on other Boards, Commissions, and committees across the community?

Coronado's charm comes from its historic, small-town feel. We actively support and enforce the City's design standards and ordinances to help preserve the unique and authentic feel of downtown Coronado, and we speak up against decisions that will harm the originality of our business districts.

We're a grassroots organization which believes it's important to support Coronado's business community as a whole. Since we don't collect membership dues, we're able to represent and support every business equally. Our philosophy is that everyone - residents, businesses, property owners, visitors, community organizations, young and old - are all part of the MainStreet team.

We proudly host MotorCars on MainStreet, Downtown Goes Ghostly, and Shop Small Saturday to provide entertainment and draw our residents and visitors to our business districts.

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